About Rescom

The two primary divisions Rescom operates are Residential and Commercial - from which our name is derived.

Our Commercial Division specializes in constructing multifamily developments, low- to mid-rise office towers, automotive dealerships, churches and other religious assemblies, shopping centres, hotels, and restaurants. No matter the project, we build with the end user in mind.

Our Residential Division, Rescom Luxury Home’s reputation for unsurpassed quality and attention to detail while working with some of the world’s leading architects and designers has helped us carve out our niche as Edmonton’s bespoke homebuilder. Ultra-luxury is life simplified and life beautified.

Rescom also operates its Important Smaller Projects Division that performs smaller scale renovations, home or office maintenance, and whatever odd jobs your busy life does not afford you the time to do yourself. Whatever the issue, a skilled construction professional is just a phone call away.

Our Vision

Rescom’s vision is to enrich peoples’ lives through quality construction.

We are passionate about people and the projects they entrust us to bring to life.

Our Values


Each member of the Rescom family is held accountable to these values and it is against these values that we are measured. We are a culture-driven company and our success as an organization is defined by the core values.

  • Passion for People and Projects
  • Always Accountable
  • Integrity
  • Open-Minded, Solution-Oriented, and Forward-Thinking
  • Committed to Health, Safety, Our Communities, and the Environment
  • Details Matter

Commercial, Residential, or the small stuff - Let’s talk.