A project that spanned two floors of the new Stantec Tower, the upcoming Food Hall conversion features a two-tiered LEED commissioning system, a complex M&E system that mirrors and ties in to the established tower’s commissioned system, and structural changes to allow for coring out a large portion of the second floor to allow for a new showcase stairway – all while keeping the building occupied and operational. As a LEED Gold registered building, the work to the core of the structure and requirements for delivering tenant spaces command the strictest attention to detail in order to ensure LEED Gold standard is achieved. Even though the Food Hall lies within the building, the commissioning process marries LEED Gold standards with a robust QAQC program. The tie-in with existing building systems only adds to the complexity and risk with this project so the commissioning checklist takes greater importance to ensure safety and energy efficiency are not compromised.

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  • Edmonton, AB
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