Important Smaller Projects™

Edmonton-based General Contractor

Rescom is an Edmonton-based general contractor that specializes in smaller home improvements. Rescom’s Important Smaller Projects™ division is highly experienced in renovations and short-term projects. To borrow a phrase, we do everything from ‘soup to nuts’.

Our skilled ISP™ team members focus on providing the best workmanship and customer care. We will mindfully coordinate the movement of people and materials to minimize any disruption to the normal routines you – or your neighbours – keep. 

General Contractors

All the Little Things

Here’s a better idea of what we do so, if your wish list looks anything like this, give us a call!

  • Larger scale renovations: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and basements
  • Backyard landscaping and beautification projects
  • Garages (and garage suites)
  • Decks and fencing
  • Driveways
  • Roofing and foundation repair
  • Window replacement or repair
  • Home automation and theaters
  • Apartment overhauls
  • Home gyms or yoga studios

Or how about this?

  • Indoor or outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Eavestroughs (patching and cleaning)
  • Stucco repair
  • Shelving and storage systems
  • New doors and frames
  • Furnace, A/C, and ductwork cleaning and service
  • Stairs and railings (install or repair)
  • Caulking
  • Wine cellars
  • Treehouses

We’re only getting started…

  • Masonry
  • Screened-in patios
  • Pools and spas
  • Home security
  • Painting
  • Leveling appliances or furniture
  • Exterior lighting (yes, you can include Christmas lights here)
  • Building envelope testing

Let Us Help You

Some projects require – or benefit from – architectural or interior design assistance. We love to collaborate with anyone of your choosing or, if you need a recommendation, we are happy to get you connected with the trusted, talented professionals who can help bring your ideas to life. Construction doesn’t have to be hard… but it should be fun. Assembling the right team can dramatically improve the experience!

No different than your car or bike, homes and offices require routine maintenance. Rescom’s ISP™ division specializes in extending the life of these assets.

We’ve Got Your Back

 Home, Office, or Cabin/Cottage Maintenance Plans

We evaluate your maintenance, repair, and service needs to create a personalized plan with the recommended steps to keep your property in perfect shape. The plan also includes a regular maintenance schedule, an itemized task list, and estimated costs.

We tailor the duration and frequency of ISP™ service visits based on the size, condition, and complexity of the property. 

 Project Rescue

Rescom has been proud to call Edmonton home for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve seen it all. Sadly, we sometimes get called in after the fact to help rescue projects when a simple DIY goes awry or, worse, when another contractor fails to meet their commitments. Nerves are frayed, trust is shaken, and the end is nowhere in sight… if this sounds familiar, give us a call. A friendly voice will tell you that help is on its way. Together, we will assess the situation and chart out the next steps so you that you can feel safe and comfortable in your space.

 Emergency Services

From simple calls, such as being locked out, to more complex issues like a water leak, we have the ability to respond quickly with the best people. To bolster our rapid response capability, we have agreements with subcontractors to ensure a specialist is on hand in a moment’s notice to get you out of jam.

If it’s important to you, It’s important to us.