Everything about our projects is unique: the location, the design, the lifestyle, the exclusive clientele. Nothing is left to chance. There is a specific intent behind every element of the design and we are entrusted to ensure form and function are perfected. 

Ultra-luxury can be described as the realization of the fourth dimension: time.

The word “convenience” doesn’t do it justice. Think: intuitive. Think: simple. Ultra-luxury is life simplified and life beautified.

Your vision is synonymous with individuality, achievement, and lifestyle.

We Can Build Your Dream Luxury Home

Be it a space that is designed around creating lasting memories with family and friends or a place of quiet sanctuary, your vision is just that: yours.

Our responsibility is to bring your vision to reality.

Luxury Home Builder

At Rescom, Details Matter.

We understand what it takes to successfully deliver an ultra-luxury residence.

We have building these tailored, carefully curated residences for over 40 years. We have learned through extensive experience what clients expect from a bespoke home build better than anyone. We listen to your vision. We define your goals and begin to anticipate your needs. We go to great lengths to ensure a seamless transition into our clients’ homes – just short of tucking them in that first night. That is the level of care and service we provide. That is the level of care and service our clients expect. 

We are vigilant in all that we do.

We are attuned to the emotions of our clients. It is impossible to remove emotion from the equation so we embrace it. It is not something that is easily taught and that is why Rescom is built around people who are not only skilled professionally but who also possess an innate ability to connect with our clients. The relationships we build are as unique as the homes we build… 

Unlike any other.

Realize Your Vision.