Important Smaller Projects™

Important Smaller Projects™ Defined

Our Important Smaller Projects™ (ISP) team puts the focus on residential. We handle everything from renovations & maintenance – to – the small stuff (yes, we’ll even change batteries). Whether you’re a new customer seeking a little help from a general contractor or a Rescom Homes client, we’re ready to serve.

In addition, we also service our existing commercial clientele.

Why Choose ISP?

We have an exceptional level of experience (did you know we’re builders too?) – and – believe that details (really do) matter.

The goal is not only to provide the best workmanship, but also unparalleled customer care.

What We Do


Considering an upgrade? We thrive on the opportunity to improve your current dwelling. From home theatres, gyms and yoga studios to kitchens, bathrooms, basements and outdoor living…


We’ve got your back inside and out. Think roofing, siding, eavestroughs, driveways, home security, windows and doors…

The Small Stuff

Odd job? Any task, we will help. The list is endless: holiday lighting, appliance and furniture leveling, storage solutions, battery replacement and more…

Emergency Services

Water leak? Wind damage? Rescom to the rescue! We have the capacity and know-how to respond quickly and get you out of a jam.

Project Rescue

When a simple DIY project goes awry or when another contractor fails to meet their commitments, Rescom will help. Together we can assess your situation and come up with an individualized solution.

Our ISP Portfolio

“No project is too big or small. Just ask.”

Nellie Alexandre, Important Smaller Projects™

“No project is too big or small. Just ask.”

Nellie Alexandre, Important Smaller Projects™

Ask Nellie.

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